What to Look For in a Commercial Electrician?

commercial electrician working with wiring
Your commercial electrician handles all the electrical service needs for your commercial facility.

If you need electrical work on your commercial building, you need a commercial electrician. Commercial electricians repair, maintain, inspect, and retrofit non-residential electrical systems. Commercial electrical systems are typically larger and much more complex than those you find in your house. In fact, they may even provide higher voltages to power your operations. Therefore, it’s important to find a qualified professional for any electrical work you need. We have some tips for what to look for in an electrician for your commercial facility.

What to Look for in a Commercial Electrician

Just like hiring any other professional, it’s important to find the right electrical contractors for the job. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the company who offers the lowest bid. The electrician you hire affects safety, liability, electrical performance, and power reliability for your building. 

Choose Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors

When vetting an electrician for your building, make sure you choose someone with experience. Experience helps you ensure that the contractors have the necessary skills and knowledge to work on your electrical system. A newly formed commercial electrical company might not have the years of experience to provide you with peace of mind. If a company has been in business for many years, that is typically a good indication that they provide quality work and friendly service.

Verify License and Insurance

Another important thing to do when hiring a commercial electrician is to verify they are licensed and insured. Electricians must be licensed to work on electrical systems. This is to make sure they have the education necessary to safely perform electrical services that meet industry standards. So, your electrician should be able to provide you with a license number before you hire them. 

Insurance is also important, as it helps protect your business from liability in case of an accident or injury. Reputable electricians maintain insurance policies to cover the costs in case the worst happens. Accidents can cause property damage and even injure workers, so you want to ensure the company has plenty of insurance to cover the costs if they happen.

Make Sure they Have the Resources to Provide Total Electrical Services

If you have an electrical emergency on a weekend or overnight, can the commercial electrical company respond quickly and with the personnel they need? Can they perform all the services required to make your electrical system safe and functional? Not only do you want a team that is available 24/7, but you also want to ensure that the company has plenty of qualified commercial electricians available should the need arise. Also, choosing a company with comprehensive services means you have one source for all your building’s electrical needs, which saves you time and hassle. 

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