Need a National Electrical Code Compliance Review?

Understanding the health of your electrical system is vital for reliability and compliance. Our team offers energy and electrical compliance evaluations to help you ensure your electrical system meets industry standards and your requirements. With years in the business, you can trust our professionals for expertise on National Electrical Code compliance for your commercial building. Whether you need an evaluation before or after a retrofit or to help provide peace of mind about its safety, we have solutions for you. Our commercial electricians offer a wide range of electrical evaluation options to suit your needs.

Due diligence electrical assessments evaluate the condition of electrical systems before purchasing a building. These help buyers determine whether the investment is sound. It also helps identify costs associated with electrical systems. We help you evaluate ROI by giving you detailed information about electrical systems in properties you’re interested in purchasing. Due diligence inspections from our electricians include 50 page reports with data critical for making a purchase decision as well as which electrical upgrades offer the most ROI for the property.

Electrical Code Compliance

Life safety codes help reduce risks to human life. When it comes to your electrical systems, both emergency power systems and normal electrical systems must meet certain criteria for safety. Emergency power systems help provide power for life safety systems like alarms and fire sprinkler pumps. Commercial electrical systems in buildings must also be designed, installed, and maintained to meet certain codes to reduce risks for things like electrical shock and fire. Our commercial electricians offer expertise and deep knowledge of applicable codes to inspect your system for compliance with life safety codes, national electrical codes, and other applicable standards so you have peace of mind your building is on the right side of the law.

Energy consumption has a direct impact on operation costs and your bottom line. Improving energy use and costs means knowing exactly what your consumption looks like. Our energy management system evaluations help provide information on how energy efficient your facility currently is and some recommendations for improving efficiency. This helps not only reduce energy costs but can also help with your company’s sustainability goals. We offer detailed reports to help you create and implement practical policies that can improve your energy consumption.

When you need detailed electrical system inspections and assessments, our team offers the most comprehensive services around. With over 30 years in the electrical industry, you can trust us to thoroughly evaluate and analyze your electrical systems. Whether you need electrical system evaluations for a specific project or as an ongoing service as part of building maintenance, our team is here for you.

Electrical Retrofitting to compliance standards

When your system doesn’t meet your requirements or compliance codes, it’s time for an electrical retrofit. As a trusted commercial electrical contractor, we can help not only evaluate your systems, but recommend changes to help you meet or exceed current electrical code standards. Bringing your building’s electrical system into code is necessary for safety, reducing liability, and also avoiding potential fines and legal trouble. No matter how big or small your electrical retrofit  project is, our experts can provide comprehensive service to get your facility in compliance as soon as possible.

We are your partner for keeping your electrical systems in prime condition for safety and performance. As a leading general electric contractor in Houston, we are your number one source for all your commercial electrical needs. Contact us now to learn more and schedule an electrical system assessment.