Houston Commercial Electrical Services

Our commercial electricians are the finest in the industry. We are here to help businesses and building owners throughout Greater Houston improve electrical system performance, safety, and reliability. You can trust our experts for all your electrical service needs.

Electrical systems in commercial buildings are typically larger and more complex than residential systems. They frequently require significantly more capacity to provide power for a wide range of applications. Therefore, you need electricians who specialize in commercial electrical systems. Our team of experienced commercial electricians offer the knowledge and expertise you need for your commercial building’s electrical system.

We work with facilities of all types and sizes to provide maintenance, evaluation, repair, and retrofitting services for electrical systems. Our experts are dedicated to superior quality control and outstanding service, so you have peace of mind your system is safe, dependable, and ready to handle all your power needs.

We provide services for:

Commercial Electrical Services

We are your one source for quality electrical services. Since 1988 we’ve been providing unmatched service to clients all over the Greater Houston area. We are proud to be one of the leading commercial electricians in Houston due to quality, craftsmanship, and our dedication to client-focused service.

Electrician for Commercial & Business Needs

Your business relies on a steady supply of power, whether you’re in manufacturing or retail. Unexpected outages cost businesses billions each year. Our team is here to ensure your electrical system is in good condition and operating at its peak to help with business continuity.

We work with you to develop a preventative maintenance program that addresses problems early on to reduce the risk of system failure, outages, and even safety hazards like fires. In addition, our team can help install, maintain, and replace emergency power systems so you can keep the doors open even when utility power fails. For electrical systems you can depend on, choose our team at Windsor Electrical to take care of your electrical service needs.

When the unexpected strikes, it’s crucial to get the power back on as soon as possible. When you need electrical repairs or emergency electrical service, we are available 24/7 and provide prompt response to your service requests. Our team of experienced electricians is here for you day or night when you need fast, long-lasting repairs.

Our team also assists with electrical system upgrades and retrofits to customize your building to your needs. Whether as part of a tenant build out project or during a commercial renovation, we have the skills you need for turnkey service. Our master commercial electricians can help evaluate ROI for proposed changes, design electrical upgrades, and install electrical equipment for your project. We assist with bringing your existing electrical system up to code and also help make your systems more practical for your needs, such as installing new lighting or adding electrical outlets for your building. No matter your needs, we have solutions to fit your requirements and budget.

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