Master Electrician for Commercial Data Centers

Data centers rely on constant, uninterrupted electricity for critical services. Today, much of our society relies heavily on data centers, which means it’s ever more important to have reliable power. Our commercial electricians are here to help you manage and maintain electrical systems in data centers for peace of mind your data center is protected from unplanned outages.

Data centers require massive electrical capacities for servers and ancillary equipment like cooling systems, dehumidifiers, and monitoring equipment. The electrical system and infrastructure are the backbone of data centers and must be maintained properly to reduce risks. Just one hour without power from an unplanned outage can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a data center. Outages can damage sensitive equipment and cause downtime that can severely impact your bottom line. Having reliable electricity is mission critical for your data center.

Therefore, it’s essential for data center facilities to invest in ongoing preventative maintenance for electrical systems. Our commercial electricians offer experienced service for all your data center’s needs, from inspection and testing to repairs and retrofitting services. We help you keep your data center’s electrical system in good condition and can help you design a practical electrical maintenance plan that suits your needs. Our team performs regular testing of critical equipment like automatic transfer switches and circuit breakers. In addition to your data center’s electrical system, we also offer installation, maintenance, and repair services for structured data cabling.


We are here to help enhance system reliability, performance, and safety for your data center. With over 30 years in the business, we are proud to be one of Houston’s top commercial electrical contractors serving data centers. Our team is available 24/7 to help you keep the power on when you need it most. We understand the need for dependable power systems, which is why we guarantee quality when you choose our team for electrical services.

Technology Centers & Power Needs

Electricity breathes life into technology and servers in data and technology centers that make the world go ‘round. These critical facilities require large electrical capacities to handle the demands of essential equipment. However, the industry is also gearing more and more toward finding strategies for reducing energy consumption for sustainability purposes. There are several electrical upgrades that may help improve energy management in your data center.

If you’re concerned about the power consumption in your data or technology center, the first step is getting an energy evaluation from our experts. These reports help identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption. In many cases, small upgrades to equipment and retrofits for your electrical system can go a long way in making your system more efficient and reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Our team offers meticulous energy evaluations and can even help calculate ROI for various planned upgrades and retrofits, which we can perform for you. We are truly your one stop for all your commercial electrical service needs.

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