Electrical Safety Commitment

When you need a commercial electrician, it’s critical to choose electrical contractors that prioritize safety. As a leading commercial electrical contractor you can trust us to maintain safe conditions at all times for you, our employees, and the community. We are committed to safe operations and safe electrical work so you have peace of mind for your building.

Working with electricity comes with some inherent dangers, and many electricians are injured or killed each year due to accidents on the worksite. We make it our goal for zero accidents for every single project we take on. From ensuring the worksite is clean and tidy to ensuring every member of our crew is qualified and well trained, we take necessary steps to ensure safety for our work. At Windsor Electrical Service, you can rely on us for safe, effective, and practical electrical services

No matter how big or complex your electrical project is, our team conducts thorough safety planning to identify and mitigate safety hazards. In addition to protecting our people, which is paramount to us, this also helps reduce unnecessary downtime and costs. We also provide all necessary protective gear and equipment to help our electricians stay safe while working on your electrical system.

In addition to protecting our team from electrical accidents, we also take steps to ensure safety for your electrical system. Our qualified and experienced electricians not only perform quality work with a dedication to workmanship, we also test and evaluate every system we touch to ensure safety and code compliance. We believe in doing everything within our power to confirm your electrical system is safe for your employees, customers, visitors, and the community at large.

Electrical Safety Commitment

Electrical Maintenance Importance

One way to help enhance electrical safety in your building is to schedule routine electrical maintenance with our team. Old and worn electrical wiring, equipment, and other system components can put your building at risk. Damaged electrical systems can put people in your building at risk for electrical shock and electrocution. In addition, old or damaged electrical systems can create electrical fires or even explosions that can be life-threatening.

Preventative electrical maintenance is an important step in reducing safety risks for your electrical system. Our experienced electricians can help inspect, test, and evaluate your system to identify potential safety hazards and repair them to reduce risks for people and your property.

As your partner for electrical services and safety, we work with you to create a comprehensive electrical maintenance program that suits your needs and can help improve system safety. We also provide necessary retrofitting for life safety compliance and other code compliance to ensure your system meets modern redundancy and safety requirements. You can trust us to help you keep your electrical system in good condition to help reduce risks in your building.

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