Commercial Energy Management

Energy use has huge impacts on facilities of all types and sizes. Energy inefficiency increases operation costs and can negatively impact your organization’s sustainability goals. Energy management evaluations from our commercial electricians can help you understand your current energy use and find ways to improve energy management systems.

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy use are great goals for any organization. However, without real data and reports on your usage, these goals are vague at best. Unless you know where you are, it’s impossible to plot a course to where you’re going for energy management. Our commercial electricians at Windsor Electrical Service are here to help.

We offer in-depth electrical use assessments to help provide you with the information you need for more effective energy management systems. There are many ways we evaluate overall energy use for commercial buildings. We may look over past power bills, conduct on-site inspections, and otherwise gather valuable data about how you use energy.

The results of our energy management evaluations can help your organization benchmark current usage, create energy management strategies, and implement energy saving practices. An electrical evaluation from our team is a valuable resource for improving energy use for your company.

Energy Management

Electrical Evaluation Compliance for Commercial Applications

An energy audit is critical for improving energy use in your commercial facility. It is often the first step in creating detailed energy management systems and strategies. Energy management reports can help you understand some of the biggest energy costs and find solutions for reducing energy use.

Energy management system evaluations from our team don’t just explain how much energy your building uses. While this information can be helpful in creating overall energy management goals, it may not lend itself to specific policies and changes you need to make. Our team can also help detail where most of your energy costs are coming from and potential inefficiencies. We can also provide recommendations that may help significantly reduce energy use for your organization.

For instance, old, outdated lighting in your building could be costing a fortune in energy use. While updating the lighting in your facility may require up-front costs, this may just help save you in electricity costs long-term. Retrofitting your lights with efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs and swapping out traditional light switches with motion sensor light controls may go a long way in reducing energy use for lighting.

HVAC systems are common culprits for excessively high energy consumption. Even simple steps like turning up the thermostat temperature or setting up a schedule on your thermostat to mimic peak occupancy times can help your business reduce energy use and costs.

These are just a few examples of practical changes your facility might make to reduce energy use based on our commercial energy audit. Get detailed energy use reports and energy management recommendations by scheduling an assessment today.