Electrical LifeSafety Compliance - Commercial Electrician

Is your commercial electrical system up to code for life safety? If you’re not sure, it’s time for an evaluation from our experts at Windsor Electrical Service.

Life safety violations not only create hazards for your building and those inside, but also can result in other consequences. For instance, fire code and life safety code noncompliance can result in large fines or even mandated closure until the issues are corrected.

Fortunately, you have a team of experienced commercial electricians on your side to help you evaluate your electrical system’s compliance with applicable codes. Our team offers extensive knowledge on electrical codes, including life safety codes, fire codes, building codes, and electrical codes. For peace of mind, contact us for a comprehensive electrical inspection for life safety compliance.

When you choose us for life safety compliance inspections for your electrical systems, you can rest assured we leave no stone unturned. Our detailed inspections help you understand the current state of your building’s electrical system and its compliance with applicable codes. If we find life safety violations in your electrical system, we also offer our expertise for recommendations on bringing the system into compliance. Scheduling a life safety electrical system evaluation is one of the simplest things you can do to verify your building is safe and meets established standards.


NFPA 101 & Emergency Electrical Lighting

There’s no denying that your electrical systems are essential for day-to-day operations. They are also necessary for life safety. Therefore, the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code references electrical systems in several ways. The NFPA also offers standards for electrical systems specifically in the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code.

One important component of life safety compliance is having reliable emergency and standby power systems. These systems provide power to your building in case of utility power interruption. Emergency power systems also enact during an emergency like a fire to power necessary life safety equipment. For instance, standby power systems may provide electricity for life safety alarms, emergency lighting, pumps for fire systems, and other life safety systems. Therefore, part of life safety compliance entails ensuring not only that you have the right emergency power systems to provide power to all your life safety equipment, but also ensuring system reliability in case of emergency.

In addition to emergency backup power, reducing life safety risks also includes ensuring electrical systems are safe, up-to-code, and operated correctly. For example, wiring issues are common code and safety violations. Things like missing or damaged wire insulation, exposed splices, and utilizing the wrong wiring sizes and lengths can all create safety hazards that go against local and national electrical codes. Other common issues for electrical systems and life safety include missing covers on outlets and electrical panels, blocked electrical panels, exposed cords and wires, and improper extension cord and power strip use.

Checking electrical systems for life safety compliance can be complex, with many different applicable codes. Our team offers years of experience and deep knowledge of electrical and life safety codes to help provide electrical life safety compliance inspections. Contact us now for an evaluation for your building’s electrical system.