Electrical Contractor for Switch Gear Maintenance

Switchgear maintenance is key for maintaining your facility’s electrical system and its reliability. When you choose our team at Windsor Electrical Service for switchgear maintenance services, we make preventative maintenance simple for your organization.

A switchgear, also known as an electrical switchboard, is a component of your electrical system that helps protect your equipment from overloads and short circuits. The most common type of switchgear in commercial buildings is the circuit breaker. You’re likely familiar with this essential piece of electrical equipment if you’ve ever plugged too many things into an electrical outlet. These devices essentially shut off the electricity from part of your system in case there’s a fault like a short circuit. They can also be manually turned off to stop the flow of electricity for things like electrical system service or equipment repairs.

What many people don’t realize is that switchgears also need regular maintenance. Our commercial electricians can help service switchgears to help ensure safety and reliability. Some of the maintenance services we offer for switchgears:

Switch Gear Maintenance

Switchgear maintenance not only helps improve operability and reliability, it can also help detect issues early on to prevent failure. With regular electrical inspections and maintenance, we can help determine when you need repairs, parts replacements, and reconditioning. We can also help you determine when it’s time to replace or upgrade electrical switchboards in your building.

As a leader in commercial electrical service, we offer comprehensive services for electrical system maintenance, from switchgear exercising and inspections to circuit breaker installation.

Circuit Breaker Installation & Maintenance

Circuit breakers are critical for safety and reliable electrical system operation. Our team helps you keep circuit breakers in good condition with comprehensive maintenance services. Circuit breakers have a lifespan of a few decades when maintained properly.

Preventative maintenance is where you schedule maintenance and service regularly to help prevent malfunctions and failures. When it comes to switchgears, malfunctions and failures can have huge impacts on your facility. For instance, it can cause unplanned outages, damage the electrical system, damage electrical equipment, and may even increase the risk for overheating and fires.

Over time, circuit breakers and switchgears do start to break down through normal wear and tear, no matter how effective your maintenance program is. When this happens, it’s important to replace the circuit breaker with a newer model. This helps keep your facility safe and your electrical system functioning properly in your building. As Houston’s trusted general electrical contractor for commercial buildings, we offer quick, efficient, and cost-effective service to install a new circuit breaker with minimal disruptions to your operations.

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