Need Electrical Retrofitting to Compliance?

Whether your building’s electrical system doesn’t meet code standards or you’re just concerned about high energy bills, electrical retrofitting to compliance can help address your concerns. Our commercial electrical contractors offer all-inclusive electrical retrofitting services for your commercial building, from audits to project closeout.

Electrical retrofitting is a strategy for improving electrical systems in existing buildings. In older facilities, the original electrical system and equipment may be worn. In some cases, the design of the electrical system may no longer meet applicable code standards. These are common reasons to consider having commercial electricians retrofit your building’s system.

Our team can help with a wide range of electrical retrofitting services, including:

  • Electrical panel replacement
  • Electrical subpanel replacement
  • Circuit breaker upgrades
  • Full rewiring
  • Partial rewiring
  • Lighting retrofits
    • Control system installation
    • Light switch upgrades
    • Light fixture replacements
    • Energy compliance audits and upgrades
Retrofitting for Compliance

Retrofitting your electrical system offers many benefits for your building. Replacing old, worn, or outdated components can help improve your electrical systems performance, safety, and functionality. In addition, it can help reduce the risk of fines and penalties from non-compliant electrical systems. Electrical retrofits also help improve energy efficiency to help save you significantly in electricity costs.

When you choose our expert team of commercial electrical contractors for retrofitting services, you get a team you can trust. We offer total solutions for your project. Our team can help with permitting, re-designing your electrical system, and the construction component of your retrofit. As a leading electrical contractor, we help minimize downtime for your facility and manage your project from start to finish to ensure it not only complies with codes and regulations, but also meets your current and future power needs.

Commercial Electrical Energy Evaluation and Assessment

Every electrical retrofitting project should begin with an energy evaluation.  We conduct a thorough inspection to identify the condition of your current system and how much electricity you currently use. We turn this information into a detailed report and also offer recommendations to help you improve safety, performance, and costs. If you have specific upgrades in mind, we can help identify how cost-effective these improvements will be to help you calculate ROI for your retrofitting project.

You can think of a commercial electrical assessment as a checkup for your building’s electrical system. This evaluation is to help understand the current condition of your system and how retrofits or upgrades may help. The retrofits you can think of like a treatment for an illness. They help you achieve certain goals, whether it be bringing your building into code compliance or saving money by upgrading to energy saving lighting solutions.

Our experts offer years of knowledge and experience to conduct thorough assessments for your building. You can count on our commercial electricians to help you find the most practical and economical options for your retrofitting project.

Contact us now to get started with an energy evaluation to identify opportunities for energy savings, performance improvements, and enhanced safety.