Annual Electrical Maintenance

Our comprehensive electrical maintenance services include:

Electrical maintenance helps keep your facility safe and operating with reliable power. Our team is here to provide all the preventative maintenance you need for electrical systems and equipment. Backed by over 30 years in the industry, we provide high quality services to help you get peace of mind that your electrical system is safe and dependable.

Annual electrical maintenance can help prevent and identify problems before they occur. The NFPA 70B provides recommendations for designing an effective electrical preventative maintenance program for your facility. The purpose is to help reduce risks of safety hazards from old, worn electrical systems and related components. For instance, outdated, unmaintained electrical systems can create arc-flash incidents, which is a type of electrical explosion that can have devastating effects for your facility and its occupants. This is just one example of why maintenance is important for your electrical system. Electrical maintenance can also help improve longevity of your system and decrease risks of outages that disrupt your business.

Our expert commercial electricians at Windsor Electrical Service offer years of expertise to help you design the right maintenance program for your facility. With the right preventative maintenance program, you can save in the long-term on unexpected repairs and premature breakdowns. We’ll help you address the health of your whole electrical system, from the circuit breakers to the power outlets.

Annual Electrical Maintenance

We help detect issues early and can help you determine the most practical and cost-effective option for maintaining your building’s electrical system. Our goal is to help improve safety and reliability through thorough maintenance and monitoring. You can trust our team to provide the highest quality service when you choose us as your go-to commercial electrical maintenance company.

Emergency Electrical Service with Maintenance Plan

In some cases, you may find yourself in need of emergency electrical service and maintenance, even with a comprehensive maintenance program. Our electricians are here for you 24/7 to help you keep the power on and get back to normal ASAP. With our crew at your side, you have a partner dedicated to helping you keep your electrical system in prime condition.

Preventative and predictive electrical maintenance can help cut down on unexpected maintenance and repairs, but it’s good to know you have a workforce ready to tackle even the most difficult electrical emergencies. We have the resources to respond quickly when you need emergency electrical service. Our team can get your electrical system back to normal in no time and provides high quality, long-lasting repairs you can depend on.

Contact us today to request maintenance or emergency service for your electrical system.