Need a Due Diligence Electrical Report for Review?

Whether buying an investment property or acquiring a new location for your business, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure the building is a sound investment. Due diligence from our commercial electricians helps provide peace of mind and mitigate risks associated with electrical systems.

Outdated, noncompliant electrical systems pose a huge risk to real estate buyers. In many cases, purchasing a building with an electrical system in poor condition means being on the line for any associated costs. For instance, if your new building’s electrical system doesn’t comply with building and electrical codes, you may need to pay for the costs to retrofit the system and bring it up to minimum standards. Systems that don’t meet code may also mean fines and shutdowns for violations. In many cases, old, worn electrical systems also increase the risk for safety issues like fires, electrical shock, and more.

Our commercial electricians at Windsor Electrical Service provide detailed due diligence reports so you’re never in the dark about a building’s electrical function and condition. Due diligence reports from our experts are incredibly detailed and often 50+ pages to provide you with complete data on current electrical conditions, immediate costs, long-term costs, and recommended services.

Due Diligence Electrical Report

In-depth due diligence reports help protect you from hidden risks when purchasing a property. We understand just how important these reports are to the decision process. Therefore, we provide meticulous inspections to help you completely understand current and future costs associated with a building’s commercial electrical system

Our team inspects and tests both normal and emergency electrical systems to ensure they fit your requirements. Some of the factors we evaluate include:

Our total electrical inspections for real estate due diligence provide you with information you need to know before dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on purchase agreements. We offer not only comprehensive reports on electrical system condition, but our commercial electricians can also offer recommendations to help mitigate risks.

Due diligence helps protect your interests, which is why we provide some of the most detailed reports available for electrical systems. Our goal is to ensure you know exactly what to expect from the electrical system should you purchase the building. We can also provide ROI reports on retrofits and planned upgrades as part of our due diligence reports.

ROI Reports on Potential Electrical Upgrades

If you’re considering upgrading or retrofitting your electrical system, you know just how big of an investment this is. How can you be sure the retrofits and upgrades will be worth it? With our due diligence reports, our expert commercial electricians can help evaluate proposed changes and give you an approximate return on investment.

Whether you’re planning to use the building for your business or you plan on retrofitting a distressed property and selling it for a profit, get peace of mind you’re making the right decision with our electrical due diligence reports. Any time you’re considering upgrades or changes to your electrical system, our team is here to help you determine the right course of action to prevent unnecessary costs. Reports from our team can help you assess short-term and long-term value for potential electrical upgrades and changes, from adding LED lighting for energy savings to retrofitting your system to provide plenty of outlets for an office space.

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