Houston Electrician: Cold Storage Facilities

interior of cold storage warehouse that needs electrical upgrades from Houston industrial electrician
A Houston electrician can help you maintain electrical reliability and efficiency in your cold storage warehouse.

Cold storage facilities, also known as refrigerated warehouses, use a lot of power. It’s essential to work with your Houston electrician to ensure your facility is reliable and energy efficient. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways your electrician can help your cold storage facility run smoothly.

Talk to Your Houston Electrician About Power Requirements & Capacity

When you’re building or renovating a cold storage facility, it’s important to consider power capacity needs. Cold storage requires a lot of energy, so it’s essential to make sure the electrical system can keep up. 

In addition to regular warehouse electricity needs, cold storage facilities also need to provide power to compressors, refrigerating equipment, temperature sensors, and other key components. Refrigeration accounts for the majority of power use from refrigerated warehouses, but it’s also important to keep in mind other systems like lighting and office equipment needed for operations.

Your Houston electrician can work with you to ensure the power system can meet current and future energy needs for your facility. We discuss equipment and operations to determine total power needs and inspect and retrofit the system as needed so you have reliable power.

Invest in Energy Management and Electrical Maintenance from Your Electrician

In addition, your Houston electrician can work with you to ensure your systems stay efficient and reliable as they age. This includes a comprehensive preventative maintenance program involving regular inspections and planned replacements for outdated or old equipment. Electrical testing throughout your facility, such as for switch gears and circuit breakers also help you have peace of mind that your electrical system is up to the task of keeping your facility safe and cool for stored assets.  

To help with energy savings, our team can also discuss different energy management strategies. The first step is an energy evaluation to determine how much energy you’re using for different things and then recommendations for how to save energy moving forward. This may include installing energy management controls or upgrading to more efficient equipment to save money in the long-run. 

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