Call a Houston Electrician for Hot Outlets in the Office

Outlet that is overheating and needs service from a Houston electrician
Your Houston electrician can diagnose and repair overheating outlets in your building.

If you notice that the outlets in your office are warm or hot to the touch, then it’s important to get them checked out by a certified Houston electrician. In this article, we’ll explore some of the dangers of warm outlets. We’ll also explain some common causes and steps to take if you discover hot outlets in your office. 

Hot Outlets? Call Your Houston Electrician Now

There are many potential electrical hazards you may encounter in the workplace. While it may not seem like a significant issue if an outlet is warm or hot to the touch, it can actually be a sign of serious issues for the system. In some cases, it may even indicate an electrical hazard that makes your building unsafe. Therefore, it’s important to call a trusted Houston electrician to diagnose and repair the problem. 

Hot outlets can indicate overheating or impending failure. Either of these issues can cause serious problems for your building, including safety hazards, damage to sensitive equipment, and disruptions to your daily operations. 

Hot Outlet Causes

There may be many different reasons why the outlets in your office are hot. One of the most common reasons is due to electrical overheating. This can lead to premature failure for the electrical system and may even lead to electrical fires in your facility. 

Some common causes of overheating electrical outlets include:

  • Damaged Wiring: In some cases, the wiring or its insulation may be faulty, leading to too much current running to the wall outlet. 
  • Too Much Demand: If you have too much demand from the outlet, such as having multiple things plugged in or having a high powered machine plugged into an outlet that can’t handle it, then it can also lead to warm outlets. 
  • Old or Worn Electrical System: Sometimes, warm electrical outlets signal a deeper issue with the electrical infrastructure in your building. It may be that the system is worn beyond its useful service life, leading to overheating and other issues. 
  • Wall Warts: Wall warts are essentially electrical devices with their own built in transformers to turn AC power into DC power for the device. This transformation can create excess heat that may make the outlet feel warm. Common devices with wall warts include computer power cords, phone chargers, and air conditioning units. 

What to Do About Hot Outlets

So, what exactly should you do if you find hot outlets in your office? Here are some steps to take to help protect your building and electrical system:

  1. Turn off the breaker to the outlet
  2. Unplug everything from the outlet
  3. Call your Houston electrician

Taking these steps can help prevent further overheating that can damage the electrical system and your equipment. It may also help prevent a fire due to electrical overheating. Our electricians will arrive quickly to identify the issue and fix it as soon as possible. 

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