Houston Commercial Electrician: Signs of Overloaded Circuits

circuit box needs Houston commercial electrician to repair overloaded circuits
Call your Houston commercial electrician for overloaded circuits: they can be damaging and dangerous.

When it comes to your building’s electrical system, you might think if there is an outlet available, then it can handle anything you plug in. However, this can overload circuits in your building’s electrical system. Your Houston commercial electrician can help you determine when you’re overloading circuits in your building and how to avoid this issue to keep your building safe and operating efficiently.

Talk to Your Commercial Electrician About These Signs of Overloaded Circuits

Overloaded circuits are a serious problem, particularly in commercial facilities. Overloaded circuits can damage equipment and wiring and can even increase the risk for an electrical fire. Therefore, it’s essential to talk to your Houston master electrician if you think your circuits are overloaded. 

Before we discuss signs of overloaded circuits, it’s important to understand what a circuit is. A circuit is essentially made up of three parts: the electrical wiring, the breaker, and the electrical device (such as a computer or piece of machinery). Each circuit has a specific power capacity based on many factors, such as the type and size of wiring used in the electrical system. When the circuit becomes overloaded, the breaker is designed to flip off and interrupt the electrical circuit to prevent damage. However, damaged or worn out breakers may not perform this essential safety function, allowing the circuit to become overloaded. 

Here are some signs of overloaded circuits in your building:

  • Frequently tripped breakers
  • Dimming lights
  • Buzzing switches/outlets
  • Warm outlet/switch covers
  • Burning smells near outlets/switches
  • Burn marks near outlets/switches
  • Electronic devices seem less powerful than they were

If you notice these issues in your building, it’s time to call in your trusted Houston commercial electrician for help. We can help diagnose the issue and find solutions that suit your needs. 

How Will My Houston Master Electrician Stop Circuit Overloads?

If you have overloaded circuits in your building, talk to our Houston electrical contractors about the issue. There are several ways we may recommend to prevent circuit overloads. For instance, one really simple way to avoid issues is to properly map out the different circuits in your electrical system and know their capacities. From there, you can determine whether it’s safe to use a particular circuit for a new piece of machinery or not. A good rule of thumb is that you want to keep the load for the circuit at around 80% of its max capacity for safety.

Another option to help reduce risks is to create dedicated circuits for devices that require a large amount of power. For instance, free-standing copiers often need their own circuit. This is because these devices use quite a lot of electricity to run, so it may not make sense to use a circuit that already operates other devices in your facility. Instead, our electricians can install a dedicated circuit for that piece of equipment. Here’s the really great news: it’s incredibly cost-effective to add a dedicated circuit for high power equipment and it’s a simple way to protect your electrical systems and equipment.

Windsor Electrical Service – Expert Houston Electrical Contractors 

Overloaded circuits are a common but serious problem in commercial buildings. Our electricians can help repair the problem by evaluating your system’s circuits and their capacity or by installing dedicated circuits for equipment that needs a lot of power. You can trust our team at Windsor Electrical Service to provide practical, high quality solutions for your electrical needs. Our experts offer electrical repair, maintenance, retrofitting, and renovations for buildings throughout Greater Houston. As a multi-generational business, we offer the experience and dedication to quality service you need. Get in touch now for a free quote!