Houston Commercial Electrician: When to Upgrade Electric Panel

new electrical panel for Houston commercial electrician to install
Your Houston commercial electrician needs to replace your electrical panel at least every 25 to 40 years or when there are signs of electrical issues.

The electric panel is one of the most important pieces of your electrical system. Like any other piece of equipment, electrical panels can wear out or become damaged over time. In these cases, you need a Houston commercial electrician to upgrade your panel for safe, reliable power in your building. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the signs you need an electric panel replacement for your building.

Signs to Have Your Commercial Electrician Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

There are many reasons why you might need to replace your electrical panel. Knowing the signs that you need an upgrade can help you keep your building safe and also provide dependable power for your operations. Keep in mind that a worn or damaged electric panel can cause fire hazards. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Agency, approximately 12% of office fires are electrical in nature. Therefore, make sure you know when to upgrade your electrical panels.

What is an Electrical Panel?

Before we go over some of the signs to call your Houston electrical contractors for panel upgrades, it’s important to explain what an electrical panel is. The electrical panel is also often known as a fuse box (though we don’t use fuse systems anymore in modern electrical systems) or a circuit box. This device receives power from the utility company and then distributes it to areas in your building. Therefore, it’s a vital component of your building’s electrical system.

When to Call Your Houston Commercial Electrician for Panel Upgrades

So, when do you need to upgrade your electrical panel? There are many reasons, but we’ll go over some of the most common signs: 

  • Frequently Tripping Breakers: If you trip the breakers frequently, this is an obvious sign that you need a new electrical panel. It means that the circuits are overloaded. You may need a new electrical panel and a new configuration for each circuit.
  • Rust or Corrosion on the Panel: Take a look at the electrical panel and see if you notice rust or corrosion. If so, it’s time to call your Houston commercial electrician. This is a serious safety hazard, as breakers may not trip if this type of damage is present. 
  • Burning Smell or Warm to the Touch: If you notice a burning smell near your electrical panel or if it smells like it’s burning, an electrical fire may be imminent. In fact, we typically recommend flipping all the breakers off and calling our electricians immediately. You likely need emergency services in these cases because of the fire risk.
  • It’s Old: Electrical panels need to be replaced about every 25 to 40 years, so if your electrical panel is around that age, schedule an electrical panel upgrade. 
  • Your Insurance Company Requires It: In some cases, your business insurance or commercial property insurance may require you to upgrade the electrical panel. This is usually because the panel is old and therefore poses a higher risk for fires. 

The good news is that upgrading an electrical panel can reduce the risk of fires and electrical failure. It’s an economical solution for your building. Our commercial electricians can help you efficiently upgrade your panel for peace of mind.

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