Houston Commercial Electrical Contractors: Light Retrofits

commercial lights installed by Houston commercial electrical contractors
Houston commercial electrical contractors help you complete your lighting retrofit project.

Houston commercial electrical contractors can help you if you’re taking on a lighting retrofit in your commercial building. Lighting retrofits are one of the most common types of projects facility managers are investing in, as it can improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and also improve overall lighting for your building. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should hire experienced commercial electricians for your new lighting and some other considerations for your retrofit. 

Why Hire Houston Commercial Electrical Contractors for Lighting Retrofits?

A commercial lighting retrofit is much more than simply replacing the light fixtures for newer, more attractive options. For most commercial building owners and managers, these retrofits must provide ROI through energy savings and better performance. To achieve this, in many cases you need services from Houston commercial electrical contractors. 

Updating wiring and circuitry during your lighting retrofit can have a huge impact on your facility’s safety and efficiency. Your Houston electrician can perform these upgrades to ensure your building’s electrical system can meet power distribution needs for your new lighting. 

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that you may want to change your lighting system, such as moving or adding fixtures. This requires the expertise of a commercial electrician to safely wire and provide power to these areas. Therefore, there are many reasons to hire Houston commercial electrical contractors for your lighting retrofit project. 

Considerations for Commercial Lighting Retrofits

There may be many reasons you’re retrofitting your building’s lighting. You might simply want an updated look or need warmer or cooler lighting for better productivity. However, most facilities update lighting because:

  1. The lighting system is aging
  2. Lights flicker or don’t work properly
  3. The lights need frequent replacements
  4. Bulbs are expensive and difficult to find for their lights
  5. The facility has high energy costs

The first thing you should think about for your lighting retrofit is what type of lights you’re converting and what you’re retrofitting them to. For instance, it’s incredibly common for commercial buildings to upgrade to LED lighting. LED lights are one of the longest-lasting and most efficient lighting solutions available on the market today, which makes them a popular choice. 

In addition, it’s important to work your way from most used to least used lighting systems in your building. High burn areas, like parking lots and stairwells, are often on 24/7. Therefore, it’s important to target these areas first for the highest ROI from your project. From there, you might move onto lobby lighting, and then to lesser-used fixtures like individual office lighting for retrofitting.

Once you have a plan for your lighting retrofit project, the next step is to get in touch with a Houston master electrician to help you design your retrofit project to fit your needs as well as applicable building codes.

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