Signs of Faulty Wiring

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Faulty wiring is a serious problem many commercial buildings have without the property owner knowing. Yet, bad wiring is also a common cause of electrical fires. In fact, there are many deaths and a lot of property damage each year due to electrical fires that start with faulty wiring. Therefore, it’s important you know the signs and take steps ASAP if you believe your wiring is bad in your building. In this article, we’ll discuss common signs of faulty wiring and how Houston commercial electrical contractors can help. 

Signs to Contact Your Houston Commercial Electrical Contractors for Faulty Wiring

There are many potential signs of faulty electrical wiring. Knowing these signs can help you identify wiring problems and call your Houston commercial electrical contractors immediately for help to reduce risks for your property. Here are some signs of faulty wiring:

  • Frequently Tripped Breakers: If your circuit breakers trip frequently, this may be a sign of faulty wiring that can’t handle the normal demands of a commercial electrical system. 
  • Flickering, Dimming Lights: If your lights flicker or dim with no explanation, this can also be a sign of bad wiring. 
  • Buzzing Sounds: Normal electrical currents shouldn’t make any noise. If you hear a constant buzzing or humming, then it may be due to faulty wiring in your building. 
  • Visibly Frayed Wiring: This may go without saying, but if you can see the wiring and it looks frayed or damaged, then it’s time to call your Houston commercial electrician.
  • Scorched or Smoking Outlets: Outlets are often the most visible part of your electrical system. If they look scorched or discolored or if you notice they smell smoky or even create visible smoke, don’t use that outlet and call your Houston commercial electrical contractors immediately. 
  • Burning Smells: If it smells like something is burning in your building but you can’t find the source, it might be bad wiring that needs repair from a trusted electrician.   

If you notice any of these signs, call your Houston commercial electrical contractors as soon as possible. They can find and repair the issue to keep your building and occupants safe. 

How Your Houston Commercial Electrician Helps with Faulty Wiring

So, what exactly do Houston electrical contractors do for faulty wiring? The first step is looking at the electrical system and testing it for any issues. If the electricians discover faulty wiring, then we will need to repair it. 

Repairing bad wiring generally involves replacing the affected sections of wiring. How big this project is depends on how much of your wiring is faulty. If you have one section of faulty wiring, there’s also a risk that other areas of the electrical system are also done incorrectly. Therefore, in some cases you may need an entire electrical retrofit. However, if it is just a small area, then typically we simply cut out the existing wiring and replace it.

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